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Harold is a British digital content specialist living in Somerville MA. A journalist and web guy, he worked in live and on-demand sports streaming for six years from 2007, transforming an emergent media from impossibly niche to preferred method of sports consumption. Focusing on pro cycling, he also worked with soccer, Chinese television, tourism, live events, and developed digital strategies that would be implemented by clients in the NHL, college sports, Major League Soccer, and more.

He moved to Boston at the end of 2013, and to Somerville at the start of 2014. On the Bremis team, he is responsible for our web presence, listings and all social media activity. He brings a passion for Somerville and a desire to use digital media creatively to connect people in unique ways.

Harold Dalton



Harold Z Dalton

Social Media Marketing Manager


1177 Broadway
Somerville, MA 02144-174