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Stuff you should know about your Personal Realtor for Life!

When did you get into real estate? Why? How?

I started my real estate career as a senior in high school and had my first closed transaction before I graduated. My first sale was a single family VA listing near Tufts University for about $27,000 in 1981.

What do you like about the business? Why don’t you like?

I love meeting new people and creating…When I say creating I mean being involved with finding homes for people to buy and then seeing these homes being rehabbed, participating as a consultant in making recommendations during the process and seeing how this whole process evolves into a beautiful finished product. The other great part of the business is the people you meet…unfortunately, sometimes this can also be the part of the business I don’t like…you take the good with the bad. You learn and move on. Ultimately, everything can be positive.

Describe the funniest or most entertaining transaction you’ve had.

My ‘funniest’ transaction was when a seller turned out NOT owning the home and when my buyer went to check with the building department about the house, the state police returned the call to tell her that the seller was actually under investigation with the Attorney General and could we keep the seller in the deal so they could eventually make an arrest.

What are the greatest challenges you see in today’s market? How do you overcome?

The greatest challenges, without a doubt, are keeping up with the challenges of social media. In the recent past it was an ‘appendage’ to the business. Now it IS the business and how quickly you acclimate yourself to the changes in the marketplace can determine your success or, for lack of a better term…extinction.

• A Realtor since 1981, over 31 years of gritty hard earned experience!

• Over 900 personal real estate transactions.

• Total Personal Sales Volume over 400 million.

• Somerville’s #1 Residential Sales Agent: 2000, 2001-2009

• Licensed Real Estate Instuctor

• Certified Real Estate Specialist – CRS

• Accredited Buyer Representative – ABR

• Seniors Real Estate Specialist – SRES

• Accredited Staging Professional – ASP

• Appeared as a special guest on “Money Matters” AM Radio 1230 and quoted in numerous newspaper articles on Somerville real estate as well as a featured speaker at the Somerville First Time Homebuyer’s class and the Bremis School of Real Estate.

• Notary Public over 21 years.

• Personally featured listings in the Boston Herald’s Home Showcase July 1996, August 1996, June 1998, July 2008, Boston Globe Feature property spotlight 2009.

• Miscellaneous… Smallest Sale: Condo $35,000/Largest sale: 24 unit apartment building $1,200,000.

• Graduate of Belmont High School 1981.

• Bachelor of Science – Business – Merrimack College 1985.

• Lee Institute 1980.

• American Real Estate Academy 1983.

• I have four gorgeous children: James, Cassandra, Matthew, and my 4th miracle Ariana along with two beautiful stepchildren Jake and Samantha.



Stephen J. Bremis


Phone: 617.828.1070
Cell: 617.828.1070
Fax: 617.623.2537


1177 Broadway
Somerville, MA 02144-174